Moving On

goFundMe screenshotThis has been a tough couple of weeks for mother and me. First, to watch helplessly as flames consumed the shop and store. Then standing by as the pile of rubble was loaded up and hauled away. I’d much rather have been getting the store ready for the next customers.

But I just can’t sit still. I’ve already started planning what the new shop will have and look like. People have been stopping in to inquire about us and see if it’s really true. I understand, sometimes you just have to see something with your own eyes. I tell them, I did see it with my own eyes – and it wasn’t pretty.

A lot of the visitors, and some callers, have asked if they can help us rebuild.  Well our daughter has started a fund raising page on a site I never heard of, called GoFundMe.  We really appreciate her doing this.  Even if you don’t want to donate, you should check out the nice way she wrote everything up.  You can go directly to the page by following this link to GoFundMe.

Don’t forget to check back with us in the spring for an update on our plans.  Thanks for your concern and support.

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We’re Devastated

Our Sign After the FireDear Friends,

On October 25th the Spider Web Farm was destroyed by fire.  It was devastating.   Fortunately no one was hurt but all machinery, equipment and raw materials were destroyed. Our 40th year was so rewarding.  Although webs were scarce we met so many people from all over the world who enjoyed their visit.

All is not lost!  We have our web collecting sheds, our “Spiders At Work”  sign and, with the encouragement of family and friends,  are planning to begin again.

Look for posts on the website as we work our way through this winter and we’ll share future plans.  We’ve posted pictures of the cleanup below

You all have brought us so very much pleasure over the years and we’re hopeful we’ll be making a comeback. We love you all and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a may we meet again.

Will and Terry

What's left of the store

This is what was left after the firemen hosed it down to prevent a restart.

The cleanup begins.

The cleanup begins.

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Just Getting Up To Speed

A Spider Farm VisitHaving celebrated my 90th birthday this winter it takes me longer to get moving these days. While the going is slow, we’re looking forward to collecting spider webs this summer. Folks stopping by have been great even though the spiders are scarce
and not yet producing.

The weather looks promising, but so far no really warm and humid days to bring out the bugs and the spiders. Stay in touch and email if you have questions. We look forward to getting our 40th year of collecting back on track.

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Our Wish To You

Merry Christmas from Spider Web Farm

Every year I do a little Christmas display.  I have it out now if you’d like to drop by (but not on Christmas Day or New Year’s).  If you can’t make it, on behalf of the entire Knight family, we want to wish you Season’s Greetings.  And remember, treat each other nice during the whole year.  See you next summer.

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A Visit From Troop 509

Troop 509 from MaineWe had a visit from Girl Scout troop 509 from Berwick, Maine last week.  I got to answer their questions about spiders and show them how I harvest the webs. It was a fun visit for us all.  Great kids and a great time.

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Open and Just Waiting For You

I’m sure Terry and I were not the only ones looking forward to this summer.  After the long hard winter and a short cold, wet spring we can’t wait to start collecting webs.

Will Knight at work at Spider Web Farm

Will is waiting for his next customer – you.

Winter was hard on the spiders too and we’re taking our time collecting to preserve our precious resource.

We are open and welcome visitors.  We do have webs available in the store and many at sale prices.  The store is open daily from 10AM to 6PM.  We’re open every day during the summer except for Independence Day.  That’s our one day to spend with our family and we look forward to that.

We will be closed on July 4th but open on the 3rd and 5th.  We hope to see you this summer.

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Getting Ready For Summer 2015

Will hard at work

The web frames are up and the caution sign is out. Now I’m just waiting for you.

We’re just about ready to open and none too soon.  We had both appointments and some drop-ins this holiday weekend.  Luckily I’ve been as busy as a mid summer spider.

After a long winter and a cold spring we finally got the web racks up and are ready to begin our season.  Now we have to hope the weather will cooperate and the spiders get to  work.  The Spider Web Farm will be open this weekend!

We officially open the weekend of May 30. You never know what the season will bring, but it’ll be good to see new folks and old friends again.

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Tough Winter But We’re Getting Ready For Spring

This was our toughest winter in all our years here in Vermont.  Health issues,  snow and just trying to keep warm kept us housebound and out of the shop.    Winter seems to be finally over!  No signs of spiders yet, but I did feel some spider silk brush against my face so hope springs eternal.

We’re way behind in our preparation which includes cleaning the cobwebs out of the corner windows, sweeping the dust out of the store and putting up our web racks for the start of the new season.

Going through our inventory we did discover some mail order webs,   They may not last though so you may have to wait until we build up our supplies during the summer months.

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Nice Story About The Farm

Just in time for Halloween the weekly paper Seven Days did a nice story about us.  Thse of you who have visited us will appreciate how well they caught on to my sense of humor. (And what I have to put up with. – Terry)

You can find the article here:

Read it and keep warm with a mug of hot cider.  I’ve got to get back up to the shop (and put another stick in the wood stove.)

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Getting The Big Picture

A panoramic view of the store by Diane G.Our recent visitor Diane G. sent us this panoramic view of the store (click it to see the full-size original).  She also sent along a nice note saying ” I really enjoyed talking with you and hearing your story.   I believe that some of the most unique people live in Vermont. When I get a chance I can get a regular photo for your wife.

“Thank you for having the spider farm.  I love all the symbolism and mythology re spiders and still treasure my plaque I bought in 1991.”

Thank you Diane. We treasure our visitors, their stories, their recommendations to friends and the occasional pictures they send our way.  We look forward to seeing you again.

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