A Winters Nap?

Well there’s no rest for the wicked here at Spider Web Farm. There’s several feet of snow outside as I write this. I’m in between feeding the fire and trying to get the shop in order.

The spiders may be able to take a break each winter but the work in the wood shop goes on. We are on a ‘by appointment’ schedule these days as far as the store goes but most days I’m up here selecting wood, cutting it to length and feeding the scraps into the fire to keep the shop warm.

But don’t think you’re keeping me from my work by dropping in. If you’re here in Vermont for skiing or a visit to friends or relatives please call and come by for a look and some conversation.

– Will

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Merry Christmas From Spider Web Farm

Merry Christmas from Spider Web FarmWell the store is looking very Christmassy (is that a word?) these days.  A few years ago I decided to use some of our leftover pieces of wood to make some tree decorations.  I made both Santa and Mrs. Claus then put some on a little tree in the shop.

The tree in our store.This year I also took some of the Mrs. Claus figures and spelled out “Merry Xmas” on the table at the front of the store (above).  They have gotten several favorable comments and I thought I’d share them with you our on-line friends.  To the left you’ll see the tree I was telling you about.  I think they all make the place very festive.

If you didn’t get to stop by this year we hope to see you next year.  In any case we here at Spider Web Farm just want to wish you all the best this season and into the new year.

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Holiday Wishes

It’s been a good year here at the Spider Web Farm and I hope it’s been the same for all of you. Our thanks to all who stopped at the Farm this year.

Visitors make my day and I’m always glad to get a chance to talk or listen. It’s fun to hear how people have about the Spider Web Farm; like the man who was cleaning out his grandfather’s home and found our web with the label (and address) on the back. There were many returning visitors as well as first timers and I hope you enjoyed the visit and will recommend us to friends.

The year has been good for mail order as well. The website yielded good results and I’m almost out of the webs mounted on black plaques. There’s still a good supply of webs mounted on very dark stained wood though.

Happy holidays to all and a happy New Year as well.


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What A Year & Getting Ready for Fall

What a year this has been! Terry and I took a well deserved vacation and headed out west to visit our daughter this spring. When we got back we found some of our spider eggs hatched early due to the warm spring and the spiderlings took off for greener pastures. We limped along during early summer and gave our workers some well earned vacation time too.

Now that the summer heat is gone we’re finding our “loyal employees” are getting back to work and creating some spectacular large webs. Visitors have been captivated by some of these late beauties and we’re looking forward to making these webs available to our fall foliage visitors.

Don’t forget, we’re open from 10AM to 6PM every day (including Saturday and Sunday) until the end of October. I’m usually here, but on rare occasions you may find someone else minding the store while we keep a doctor appointment or tend to family business. While you’re out looking at the fall foliage come and see us and our webs.

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Here’s to E. B. White

July 11 is the anniversary of  E.B. White’s birth. The Knights and all our spider friends here at Spider Web Farm want to toast him on his birthday.

Sir, your Charlotte has done so much in raising young people’s appreciation of spiders and their beautiful webs.

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Spring Has Sprung – Summer Is Upon Us

Spring came early this year and caught us unawares! Now here it is summer and we’re just gearing up for our new season. We are OPEN, but just a little behind in our activities.

Showing a web to some young visitors

Will shows a web to some young visitors

Winter was fairly mild but unexpected family events and health issues now have us scurrying, trying to catch up. Although the shop didn’t get the remodeling we expected to give it, the spiders, the webs and
the Knights made it through another winter.

Come and see us for some lively chatter and beautiful webs.

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Settling Down for the Winter

Christmas 20111

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From The Knights at Spider Web Farm

Although we know it’s coming the first snowfall here at the Spider Web Farm catches us by surprise.  We know that spiders have been dormant for a good month but the blanket of snow seems to settle them down, inside as well as outside.  We do the same.  The rush to respond to traffic is gone and life takes on a more leisurely pace.

I get a “well deserved” rest while Terry takes on the paperwork that piled up over the year.   The store is open as usual 10 to 4 (it’s dark early) every day until Christmas.  And, of course, we are open 24-7 here on the Web site.

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Visitors from Staten Island

Smantha and Will in the store.

Samantha and me in the store

Samantha & Brendon from Staten Island dropped by recently. We spent some nice time together talking about the webs and my memories of New York.

Samantha sent the following quote after they got home. “It was fantastic talking to you about spiders, the war, and Brooklyn. Hope to see you again”

I hope that they’ll come back soon also.

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Another Great Day – Foliage Report

It’s another great September day here at the farm and in Vermont.  Despite everything you’ve read this has most been a great month.

We had a little rain overnight but the sun is out today and it’s supposed to be nice this weekend.  I checked the spiders and they were busy last night but first I’m having breakfast and writing this.

The leaves are starting to look a bit yellow on the edges but it IS mid September.  We should start seeing good color in this area some time in the next week. I predict great color a week from today.

If you come up to see the Vermont fall foliage why not swing by the farm.  The spiders and I will be keeping an eye out for you.  They’ve made a lot of great webs for you to see and bring home.

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Hello and Other Thoughts

I meet so many interesting people here at Spider Web Farm – and I’ve got such a poor memory – that I thought I’d start keeping a log of my visitors and the happenings up here in Vermont.  I’ll try to do it a couple times a week, when I can finally sit down.

I might even throw in a good joke that I hear from a visitor.

Right now I’m busy getting things ready for our fall foliage customers. The spiders are slowing down but I’m still collecting webs, mounting them and finishing the plaques for sale.

If you get here early enough in the season I can probably still find a web to show you how I do it.

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