Our Spider Receptionist

spider-2A recent visitor sent along this picture with the following note:

Hello! I visited your farm a few weeks ago with my mother and my brother, and were greeted by your unofficial spider receptionist! (According to the internet, our little friend was a parson spider.) 

We had a great time visiting, thanks so much! Jeanie

Thanks Jeanie, we’re glad you had a good time.  The Parson doesn’t come out and greet just anybody.  We look forward to seeing you again.

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The Mystery of the Floating Stones

Our little workers pulled a fast one on me the other day.  Imagine my surprise when, as I stone_photo01went out in the early morning to check for new webs, I found a stone floating in mid-air!  Now there’s something you don’t see every day. stone_photo02 stone_photo03

I was just trying to puzzle it out when I noticed another floating a few inches above it. Well, NOW I was really interested. (insert spooky music here) It turns out that one of our little workers is a budding David Copperfield.

Spiders look for anchor points for the webs.  Sometimes they choose a place well off from where they want to build the web.  This spider had attached to the top stone but it had been too light.  Instead of giving up on that stone he apparently attached to a neighboring stone.  But, in building the Web his work had levitated both stones.

With my working around them I don’t think they’ll last too long.  But, on your next visit be sure to ask to see the place where the mysterious floating stones were discovered. Oh, and try to act surprised when I tell you how it was done.

Hope to see you soon.

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They’re Here!

Showing a web to some young visitorsOur little workers are here and happily making webs! Just when we thought summer would never get here and our spiders had abandoned us for a better feeding location, the warm weather arrived and with it the bugs.

I’ve been collecting webs every nice sunny day and we have a nice supply from our newly hatched spiderlings. The big ones will be coming any day now.

This is a great time to pack the kids in the car and bring them over. I love talking spiders and webs with them. If I’m not keeping cool in the shop look for me over by the collecting frames.

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Just Waiting For You

Will Knight at work at Spider Web Farm

Will is waiting for his next customer – you.

The door is open and the web racks are up. We’ve moved some spiders in and now we’re waiting for things to start happening.

It’s been a long, long winter and we still hear the furnace kicking off in the morning, but spring finally arrived at the Spider Web Farm! It may be slow going for the spiders and us but we’ll be here and just waiting for the bugs to come along to keep those spiders producing.

Beginning, June 1st we will be open from 10AM to 6PM (unless there is an emergency or unexpected doctor appointment). Sometimes it’s a little hard to find me in the store because I’m either in the backyard wood pile or in the house grabbing lunch. If that’s the case, simply give me a call on your cell phone (433-5568) and I’ll come right out.

I’m looking forward to seeing you.  BTW – Sometimes I wish there were 3 of me.

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Happy New Year – Stay Warm!

Happy New Year to you all. We are now beginning our morning count of increasing daylight. From 8 hours and 52 minutes on December 22nd to 8 hours and 56 minutes on New Years Day we feel our spirits perking up each morning.

will feeding the stove

Will throws another log on the fire.

Hooray, the days are getting longer!

Although we’re not officially open, as always you can make an appointment or order from this site for that next special event in your life.  If you do come by I’ll either be tending the fire or working in the shop.

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The Frost Is On the Pumpkin

Actually the pumpkins are gone and so are most of the spiders.  With the arrival of cold days and nights most of them have crawled into their warm nooks and crannies. There are not many flying bugs or moths around so spiders know not to waste their time building or repairing webs.

With foliage season gone my work shifts from harvesting webs to getting everything put away for the winter.  Now, the first thing I do every morning is get the fire started in the wood stove out in the shop.  I have a cup of coffee back in the house and by the time I go back it’s at least somewhat warm.

Feel free to drop by even though we’re on winter hours.  If I’m there – we’re open. I like the company and we can sit by the fire for a talk. If you call ahead I’ll throw another log in and warm the place up for us.

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It’s Leaf Season At Spider Web Farm

Will entertains a small visitor

This is our youngest spider lover of the season – a 3 year old from New Hampshire. Enjoying her visit to the Spider Web Farm with Dad and me.

It’s prime leaf peeping season here in Vermont.  This is also one of the warmest falls we’ve had in a while.This means the spiders are still active but we’re both preparing for winter at this point.

We haven’t had our first frost yet, but the first day of autumn caught me by surprise. It was pretty wintery and I didn’t even bother looking for spiders. Like me, they came out when the temperatures get into the 60’s. But I’m not letting all this late season warmth fool me. It’s time to fire up the old pot bellied railroad stove in the store.

People have asked if we stayed open through October. Visitors still drop in or call and most often find the store is open. While an open and closing date is on our webpage, Halloween at the Spider Web Farm seems like a good idea. So if you find yourself in Vermont through October stop by and see our fantastic collection of Spider Webs.

Don’t forget, Real Spider Webs are popular gifts for the curious, the naturalists, and just plain animal lovers.

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This Visit Was A Real Treat!


I confess that I have a fondness for ice cream.  I’ve been known to go down to the local creemee stand (soft serve ice cream) on a summers evening.  So you can imagine my surprise when I heard a familiar ringing sound and an ice cream truck pulled into our parking lot.

The two fellows driving it were from out of state and were touring in the ice cream truck.  They had read about us and decided to make a visit here a part of their trip. I was so impressed I forgot to get their names or where they were from.  If you know them tell me who they are and I’ll add it into this post.

Anyway, after they showed me around their truck I gave them a tour of the farm.  We had a very nice visit but I also confess that I let them leave the yard without asking if they really had an ice cream in there.  You can guess where I went that evening!
Summer at the Spider Web Farm really keeps me smiling.  If you’re not in a hurry and like to chat, stop by.   We welcome all kinds of vehicles and really enjoy willing listeners – especially those bearing ice cream.

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Getting ready for the season with the Knight family’s annual cleanup.

Just when I thought winter would never end, the first spider appeared in a sunny window. What a treat. Spring is finally here, and I think Vermont in spring is as pretty or prettier than fall.

Will and sons doing their annual cleanup

Our sons and I were doing some spring cleaning when Terry snapped this photo. I wanted to be sure you knew we are open.

While I look for signs of life in our spider eggs, this is the time to get ready. Time to get all those appointments with the dentist, etc. out of the way and look forward to a fun summer. I for one am always glad to have some new folks up to hear my stories and to tell me theirs.

Although the Spider Web Farm opens officially June 15th weekend visitors have already dropped by, so if you find yourself in Vermont and want to visit, call, I may be available to show you our work and to talk.

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A Winters Nap?

Well there’s no rest for the wicked here at Spider Web Farm. There’s several feet of snow outside as I write this. I’m in between feeding the fire and trying to get the shop in order.

The spiders may be able to take a break each winter but the work in the wood shop goes on. We are on a ‘by appointment’ schedule these days as far as the store goes but most days I’m up here selecting wood, cutting it to length and feeding the scraps into the fire to keep the shop warm.

But don’t think you’re keeping me from my work by dropping in. If you’re here in Vermont for skiing or a visit to friends or relatives please call and come by for a look and some conversation.

– Will

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