A Web Collection Update

We thought summer would never get here but although late we had our first spider egg hatch on the solstice. I don’t blame the spiders for staying put. What a strange year!

Our little weavers took their sweet time in getting to work. Perhaps it has been the cool temps or wet weather. But they did start producing webs and we’ve been collecting them just in time for our foliage visitors.

We’re open for visitors Thursday through Sunday from noon until 5pm and hope you will drop by and see us. Without our ‘Spidermaster’ Will we had to cut the hours back due to family matters and other commitments.

You may want to call first to to check on our supply of Webs our number is 802-433-5568. We’ll let you know how we’re progressing.

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Gearing Up For The Season

What a year this has been.  Winter was gray, snowy and without much of a break from the cold and spring isn’t working out that much better.  We finally found some signs of spring and need good sunny week to bring out the buds, the blossoms and hopefully the spiders.  We are getting rid of the winter’s grunge to put up the web racks and start looking for spider eggs. Although it will be a while before we’l begin collecting, we’ll share the news with you.   Can’t wait to get that open sign out at the Spider Web Farm.      

Hope we’ll see you soon – Terry Knight

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Holiday Season At The Farm


We did it!    After a very long and uncertain start the Spider Web Farm doors swung open and we sold our very first newly collected webs in August.  Will would have been so proud.

Hanging our Christmas Wreath 2018

The wreath has been hung by the door with care to show that Christmas time has arrived at the farm.

Now as we close the door and hang the wreath on this first year we’re very grateful for all our faithful friends and new visitors.  We’re making plans for next year and hoping our spiders get through their long hibernation safely.

Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a safe, healthy and happy New Year.

Terry Knight and Will Jr.

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It’s Fall And The Spiders Are Slowing Down

Spiders at work

Spiderweb in progress!

Our brief web collecting season is too quickly coming to a close. We were hopeful but uncertain as we put up the racks in the spring. We were anxious as we transplanted our spider eggs after a long winter and even more so as son Will began collecting.

Of course things did not get off to a smooth start, but our little workers did begin work and we collected a number of webs although not as many as we wished. We hosted both first time visitors and returning friends, so were happy we had webs to show them. Thank you all for providing the support needed to keep the Spider Web Farm going.

We plan to officially close October 15, but will be available weekends until Thanksgiving and by appointment. You may want to call as well. We have a lot of winterizing to do and may not always be available.


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We’re Getting There – 2

Caution; Spiders WorkingSummer is here at Spider Web Farm.  We have web racks hanging, our spiders are working and we have something of a store  but we are not quite up to full speed. Too many obstacles so far and it will take a bit longer for us to have the quantities we would like. Please be patient.

Will Jr. and I can’t give the time that Will did to his passion. As I said, our little weavers are working, we’ve collected some webs and put some plaques on our new display shelves. What we do collect seems to go right out the door and we’re trying to increase production.   Plus, we’re trying to put the finishing touches on the store. Whew!

You’ll find us open to visitors Thursday through Sunday from noon to 5pm and will gladly show you around and share our story with you. Thanks for your patience. We look forward to your visit.


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A New Building And Soon Some New Webs

Hello Folks,

It’s been a slow process, but we can see the possibilities ahead.  After a two year hiatus, the Spider Web Farm is coming back to life.  It’s been so hard not only without our barn, but moistly without our Will.  He was our leader.

He would be happy to see that we captured and transferred spider eggs this year and that they are growing in their little racks.  We’ve given them time to get bigger and hope to start collecting soon. Hopefully we will have webs available in mid-July.

Spiders Working HereBecause the fire destroyed all our inventory, we’re starting from scratch and are limiting our hours considerably.  We’ll be available Thursday through Sunday from noon to 5PM. While we may not have much to sell at the start, I’ll be glad to fill you in on the collecting process, spiders and of course Will.

Please drop by to see our progress and share your memories of Will.


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We’re Getting There

The new Spider Web Farm shopAlthough the Spider Web Farm is but a shadow of its former “glory” it’s coming along slowly but surely. As usual nothing is as simple as it sounds and after a long summer filled with delays and problems we have our new shop, a section of which will hold out future displays of our lovely Spider Web Plaques.

Our racks are up and if you stop by you’ll probably see some spiders at work, but because of electrical delays we were unable to collect this summer. Since our inventory of webs was destroyed by the fire, we won’t have webs available until spring.

Meanwhile our spiders are busy on our front porch and we expect to find some good spider eggs ready to hatch come spring.

It’s been a sad year without Will and the flurry of activity with visitors enjoying our little operation. If you happen to be in the area please feel free to stop, take a photo of the racks and, if we’re around, say hello. We don’t have webs to sell, we’d be happy to talk about the good old days with Will and explain our plans to continue our Spider Web Farm.


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The New Shop Takes Shape

The new Spider Web Farm

Our new shop is rapidly coming along.  Sometimes I wake up and it’s as though elves have been working on it overnight!  But it’s really our dedicated builder and his crew that have made this happen.  And all this happened this week! Will would have been so pleased to see it come together this way.

I’ll post another picture update on our progress next week.  I guess we’d better start getting some plaques ready for the grand opening – hope to see you here.



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One Big Hole (Nearly) Filled

The new shop site, just waiting for concrete.As promised here is a look at the progress of our shop rebuilding.  The excavation is complete and we have the base for the new building.  Now we’re just waiting for the concrete.

Possibly sensing that something is different this year, our spiders haven’t been as productive as usual.  It could also be due to the wet spring and early summer we’ve had. As the building progresses we hope to start collecting webs, making plaques and generally getting ready to greet you in the fall. Stay tuned.


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We’ve A Big Hole To Fill

Where the new shop will go.How do you fill the big hole in your life?  Whether it’s a building or a loved one, when you’ve loved something for most of your lifetime the hole will never truly be filled.  What to do?

Will loved his IMG_7117wSpider Web Farm almost as much as he loved his family.  So it seemed only natural to rebuild a building; not with a replica but with a place to carry on with his work.  That’s easier said than done but we will do it.

Replacing Will will never happen; he was one of a kind.  He did teach Will Jr. well though and did leave materials sufficient to carry on in his name.  I will continue to talk our way through with my knowledge of spiders and stories galore.

Please watch our website.  We thought we would be open by summer but costs have slowed the project.  (To help see our GoFundMe page.) We’re working towards mid August or September and will keep you posted.
Terry Knight

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