A Strange Summer

What a disappointing summer – for spiders and for us.

We all suffered the erratic weather that confused birds, bees, bugs and
SPIDERS. Hungry birds prefer juicy spider eggs and young spiders. No amount of searching would bring back the spiders and bugs we had last year.

With fall on the way people are planning their foliage trips. It seems we get daily calls about our hours so I thought I would update you. We will be opening for visitors for a limited time through the fall. Our fall hours will be noon to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday or until our spiders tell us they’ve worked enough for this year. We look forward to seeing friends, both old and new, this fall.

Terry and Will

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Spring! Is Just Around The Corner

I’m writing this on April 21 and it’s snowing today. Nevertheless, this year we’re full of hope and grateful for having made it through another unpredictable winter. But where are the spiders, the flies and the bees usually buzzing around the few brave blossoms after our surprise April snowstorm? We’ve had some indoor spiders but none in the collection sheds, on the porch eves or in the yard.

Sprucing up for the season

We’ve had calls and visits from folks who want webs but again, Vermont spiders are late bloomers.   To all who already stopped by or contacted us, we’re sorry to disappoint you.   We just can’t rush our short season. Please stay in touch, keep an eye on our web site and we’ll keep you posted when we see our workers awake and get spinning.  

We still hope to open for the summer around Memorial Day weekend but can’t guarantee we’ll have any webs for sale because we can’t hurry our little workers.

Terry Knight

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Short But Sweet

It was with a lot of  anxiety that we opened the  Spider Web Farm this year.  Again this year’s hard frost a day after our eggs hatched sent the spiderlings looking for warm shelter and a lot of climbing to get a small number back to work.  It was a strange year for all.

We thank all who stopped by this summer and fall wearing masks and keeping distance in our small space. Your words of support and your purchases buoyed our spirits after that rough start. We look forward to a healthier summer next year and wait for the chance to tell our stories again.

Although our doors are now closed and our little workers have quit for the season, if you find yourself here in Williamstown on a warm Saturday or Sunday afternoon in November, we’ll probably be around getting ready for winter button down between noon and 5pm and will have the door unlocked to show you our few remaining webs. As always you can call ahead to be sure to find us and/or to make an appointment.

We wish you all have a happy and healthy holiday season.  Peace and good health to all friends and spider lovers.

Terry and Will Jr  

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Finally Fall And We’re Open

The Knights and our spiders have been lazy this strange year. But some of us have getting back in the swing of things, most notably our spiders.. Beginning this month we now have a supply of webs to sell into the fall foliage season. Due to Covid-19 concerns, we will be open limited hours: Friday, Saturday and Sundays from noon until 5PM.

You may want to call or email to check availability. We’d love to have company again, but please remember to bring your masks. We’re firm believers in keeping our distance.

Terry Knight

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We’re Sheltering in place

What a long winter but we’re finally watching some spider eggs fattening up for life outside the egg.  All of us here at the Spider Web Farm are anxious about our summer and our connection with the outside world.  

We’re taking precautions but are planning to begin collecting in July and hope the spiders cooperate. Meanwhile we’re protecting ourselves wearing masks and hope you understand our concerns.  Summer hours will be limited but we will post our schedule as we get started.

Terry and Will, Jr.

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A Web Collection Update

We thought summer would never get here but although late we had our first spider egg hatch on the solstice. I don’t blame the spiders for staying put. What a strange year!

Our little weavers took their sweet time in getting to work. Perhaps it has been the cool temps or wet weather. But they did start producing webs and we’ve been collecting them just in time for our foliage visitors.

We’re open for visitors Thursday through Sunday from noon until 5pm and hope you will drop by and see us. Without our ‘Spidermaster’ Will we had to cut the hours back due to family matters and other commitments.

You may want to call first to to check on our supply of Webs our number is 802-433-5568. We’ll let you know how we’re progressing.

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Gearing Up For The Season

What a year this has been.  Winter was gray, snowy and without much of a break from the cold and spring isn’t working out that much better.  We finally found some signs of spring and need good sunny week to bring out the buds, the blossoms and hopefully the spiders.  We are getting rid of the winter’s grunge to put up the web racks and start looking for spider eggs. Although it will be a while before we’l begin collecting, we’ll share the news with you.   Can’t wait to get that open sign out at the Spider Web Farm.      

Hope we’ll see you soon – Terry Knight

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Holiday Season At The Farm


We did it!    After a very long and uncertain start the Spider Web Farm doors swung open and we sold our very first newly collected webs in August.  Will would have been so proud.

Hanging our Christmas Wreath 2018

The wreath has been hung by the door with care to show that Christmas time has arrived at the farm.

Now as we close the door and hang the wreath on this first year we’re very grateful for all our faithful friends and new visitors.  We’re making plans for next year and hoping our spiders get through their long hibernation safely.

Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a safe, healthy and happy New Year.

Terry Knight and Will Jr.

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It’s Fall And The Spiders Are Slowing Down

Spiders at work

Spiderweb in progress!

Our brief web collecting season is too quickly coming to a close. We were hopeful but uncertain as we put up the racks in the spring. We were anxious as we transplanted our spider eggs after a long winter and even more so as son Will began collecting.

Of course things did not get off to a smooth start, but our little workers did begin work and we collected a number of webs although not as many as we wished. We hosted both first time visitors and returning friends, so were happy we had webs to show them. Thank you all for providing the support needed to keep the Spider Web Farm going.

We plan to officially close October 15, but will be available weekends until Thanksgiving and by appointment. You may want to call as well. We have a lot of winterizing to do and may not always be available.


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We’re Getting There – 2

Caution; Spiders WorkingSummer is here at Spider Web Farm.  We have web racks hanging, our spiders are working and we have something of a store  but we are not quite up to full speed. Too many obstacles so far and it will take a bit longer for us to have the quantities we would like. Please be patient.

Will Jr. and I can’t give the time that Will did to his passion. As I said, our little weavers are working, we’ve collected some webs and put some plaques on our new display shelves. What we do collect seems to go right out the door and we’re trying to increase production.   Plus, we’re trying to put the finishing touches on the store. Whew!

You’ll find us open to visitors Thursday through Sunday from noon to 5pm and will gladly show you around and share our story with you. Thanks for your patience. We look forward to your visit.


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