It’s Fall And The Spiders Are Slowing Down

Spiders at work

Spiderweb in progress!

Our brief web collecting season is too quickly coming to a close. We were hopeful but uncertain as we put up the racks in the spring. We were anxious as we transplanted our spider eggs after a long winter and even more so as son Will began collecting.

Of course things did not get off to a smooth start, but our little workers did begin work and we collected a number of webs although not as many as we wished. We hosted both first time visitors and returning friends, so were happy we had webs to show them. Thank you all for providing the support needed to keep the Spider Web Farm going.

We plan to officially close October 15, but will be available weekends until Thanksgiving and by appointment. You may want to call as well. We have a lot of winterizing to do and may not always be available.


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