The Frost Is On the Pumpkin

Actually the pumpkins are gone and so are most of the spiders.  With the arrival of cold days and nights most of them have crawled into their warm nooks and crannies. There are not many flying bugs or moths around so spiders know not to waste their time building or repairing webs.

With foliage season gone my work shifts from harvesting webs to getting everything put away for the winter.  Now, the first thing I do every morning is get the fire started in the wood stove out in the shop.  I have a cup of coffee back in the house and by the time I go back it’s at least somewhat warm.

Feel free to drop by even though we’re on winter hours.  If I’m there – we’re open. I like the company and we can sit by the fire for a talk. If you call ahead I’ll throw another log in and warm the place up for us.

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