Short But Sweet

It was with a lot of  anxiety that we opened the  Spider Web Farm this year.  Again this year’s hard frost a day after our eggs hatched sent the spiderlings looking for warm shelter and a lot of climbing to get a small number back to work.  It was a strange year for all.

We thank all who stopped by this summer and fall wearing masks and keeping distance in our small space. Your words of support and your purchases buoyed our spirits after that rough start. We look forward to a healthier summer next year and wait for the chance to tell our stories again.

Although our doors are now closed and our little workers have quit for the season, if you find yourself here in Williamstown on a warm Saturday or Sunday afternoon in November, we’ll probably be around getting ready for winter button down between noon and 5pm and will have the door unlocked to show you our few remaining webs. As always you can call ahead to be sure to find us and/or to make an appointment.

We wish you all have a happy and healthy holiday season.  Peace and good health to all friends and spider lovers.

Terry and Will Jr  

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