It’s Leaf Season At Spider Web Farm

Will entertains a small visitor

This is our youngest spider lover of the season – a 3 year old from New Hampshire. Enjoying her visit to the Spider Web Farm with Dad and me.

It’s prime leaf peeping season here in Vermont.  This is also one of the warmest falls we’ve had in a while.This means the spiders are still active but we’re both preparing for winter at this point.

We haven’t had our first frost yet, but the first day of autumn caught me by surprise. It was pretty wintery and I didn’t even bother looking for spiders. Like me, they came out when the temperatures get into the 60’s. But I’m not letting all this late season warmth fool me. It’s time to fire up the old pot bellied railroad stove in the store.

People have asked if we stayed open through October. Visitors still drop in or call and most often find the store is open. While an open and closing date is on our webpage, Halloween at the Spider Web Farm seems like a good idea. So if you find yourself in Vermont through October stop by and see our fantastic collection of Spider Webs.

Don’t forget, Real Spider Webs are popular gifts for the curious, the naturalists, and just plain animal lovers.

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