Getting ready for the season with the Knight family’s annual cleanup.

Just when I thought winter would never end, the first spider appeared in a sunny window. What a treat. Spring is finally here, and I think Vermont in spring is as pretty or prettier than fall.

Will and sons doing their annual cleanup

Our sons and I were doing some spring cleaning when Terry snapped this photo. I wanted to be sure you knew we are open.

While I look for signs of life in our spider eggs, this is the time to get ready. Time to get all those appointments with the dentist, etc. out of the way and look forward to a fun summer. I for one am always glad to have some new folks up to hear my stories and to tell me theirs.

Although the Spider Web Farm opens officially June 15th weekend visitors have already dropped by, so if you find yourself in Vermont and want to visit, call, I may be available to show you our work and to talk.

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