What A Year & Getting Ready for Fall

What a year this has been! Terry and I took a well deserved vacation and headed out west to visit our daughter this spring. When we got back we found some of our spider eggs hatched early due to the warm spring and the spiderlings took off for greener pastures. We limped along during early summer and gave our workers some well earned vacation time too.

Now that the summer heat is gone we’re finding our “loyal employees” are getting back to work and creating some spectacular large webs. Visitors have been captivated by some of these late beauties and we’re looking forward to making these webs available to our fall foliage visitors.

Don’t forget, we’re open from 10AM to 6PM every day (including Saturday and Sunday) until the end of October. I’m usually here, but on rare occasions you may find someone else minding the store while we keep a doctor appointment or tend to family business. While you’re out looking at the fall foliage come and see us and our webs.

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