We’re Getting There – 2

Caution; Spiders WorkingSummer is here at Spider Web Farm.  We have web racks hanging, our spiders are working and we have something of a store  but we are not quite up to full speed. Too many obstacles so far and it will take a bit longer for us to have the quantities we would like. Please be patient.

Will Jr. and I can’t give the time that Will did to his passion. As I said, our little weavers are working, we’ve collected some webs and put some plaques on our new display shelves. What we do collect seems to go right out the door and we’re trying to increase production.   Plus, we’re trying to put the finishing touches on the store. Whew!

You’ll find us open to visitors Thursday through Sunday from noon to 5pm and will gladly show you around and share our story with you. Thanks for your patience. We look forward to your visit.


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