Our Thoughtful Young Visitors

School kids make presentation to Will

The students from Williamstown Elementary School with Will. This shows the card they made (top) as well as the check and delicious apple pie with a spider design crust.

Our recent fire has made for a tough couple of weeks leading up to Thanksgiving Day. But our neighbors and friends have really gone the extra mile in helping us. We especially appreciated a group of students from the elementary school who came by to give us money they collected as well as a special gift.

The students chose us as their community project this holiday season.  It turns out that many of them have visited the farm in the past for tours I give for school kids.  I focus on how amazing spiders are and how beneficial they are to us in so many ways.

The students had held a coin drop to help us with the clean-up and rebuilding.  They also made a very nice spider card for the presentation and a tasty apple pie with a spider design crust. (see below).

Spider design pieThe sight of them trooping up the hill to the farm, the thoughtfulness of the presentation and just that they chose us brought tears to my eyes.  It was all captured by our local news team and you can see the report on their site. (http://bit.ly/2gf8xzq)

This all happened just days after a fundraiser dinner/dance put on by some of our friends.  That was also a touching moment when they presented us with the check.  I got choked up that night also.

In this time of thanksgiving Mother and I are thankful that no one was hurt in the fire (including our cat) and for the thoughtfulness of our neighbors and visitors. We are truly thankful and blessed.

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