The Mystery of the Floating Stones

Our little workers pulled a fast one on me the other day.  Imagine my surprise when, as I stone_photo01went out in the early morning to check for new webs, I found a stone floating in mid-air!  Now there’s something you don’t see every day. stone_photo02 stone_photo03

I was just trying to puzzle it out when I noticed another floating a few inches above it. Well, NOW I was really interested. (insert spooky music here) It turns out that one of our little workers is a budding David Copperfield.

Spiders look for anchor points for the webs.  Sometimes they choose a place well off from where they want to build the web.  This spider had attached to the top stone but it had been too light.  Instead of giving up on that stone he apparently attached to a neighboring stone.  But, in building the Web his work had levitated both stones.

With my working around them I don’t think they’ll last too long.  But, on your next visit be sure to ask to see the place where the mysterious floating stones were discovered. Oh, and try to act surprised when I tell you how it was done.

Hope to see you soon.

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