Just Waiting For You

Will Knight at work at Spider Web Farm

Will is waiting for his next customer – you.

The door is open and the web racks are up. We’ve moved some spiders in and now we’re waiting for things to start happening.

It’s been a long, long winter and we still hear the furnace kicking off in the morning, but spring finally arrived at the Spider Web Farm! It may be slow going for the spiders and us but we’ll be here and just waiting for the bugs to come along to keep those spiders producing.

Beginning, June 1st we will be open from 10AM to 6PM (unless there is an emergency or unexpected doctor appointment). Sometimes it’s a little hard to find me in the store because I’m either in the backyard wood pile or in the house grabbing lunch. If that’s the case, simply give me a call on your cell phone (433-5568) and I’ll come right out.

I’m looking forward to seeing you.  BTW – Sometimes I wish there were 3 of me.

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